Automated Fraud Prevention

Ascertain ‘Automated Fraud Prevention’ uses the smart ‘Identity Matching’ capabilities of our partner Human Inference. These ‘identity matching’ techniques are used to intercept suspect transactions.

  • Defeat fraud with smart identity matching
  • Increase business profitability by reducing losses arising from fraud
  • Promote a strong compliance culture by automating Customer Due Diligence checks
  • Reduce costs by improving operational efficiency through less manual screening
  • Treat your customers fairly – at all times
  • Reduce reputational risk – by avoiding high risk sectors & customers

In order to meet the market requirement for a rapid turnaround of credit decisions, finance providers have invested in automated underwriting systems. In difficult economic conditions the scale of fraudulent credit applicants increases, putting greater pressure on automated decisioning systems and the manual checks that supplement them.

Fraudulent applicants are using greater tenacity to access limited credit facilities. Credit providers must respond by implementing more robust & sophisticated techniques to intercept fraudulent applicants.

Automated Fraud Prevention system replicates the ‘Natural Language Processing’ capabilities of a human brain.

To illustrate the Natural Language Processing capabilities of Human Inference, the following table contains four pairs of identity data. In each case the Human Inference matching engine would identify each pair as a probable duplicates. Traditional mathematical and string matching techniques may not recognize these duplicates and consequently a ‘bad guy’ might slip through the net!



Human Inference uses ‘Natural Language Processing’ to achieve results which are quicker, more accurate and more consistent’ than manual checks in a time critical, volume market’. Paul Stevens, CIO ING Lease.

For more information please click Fraud Buster article published in Leasing Life Magazine, September 2009.

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