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Customer Data Management is a on-going requirement for every trading organization. The old data processing mantra ‘Garbage In – Garbage Out’ remains true today. The necessity for adopting a data management strategy is even more crucial now, given the huge growth in data volumes generated by social media and mobile communications. Every trading organization needs a strategy for monitoring, improving and maintaining customer data quality standards.

Many organisations make substantial investments in new information systems (Business Process Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management….) whilst not giving sufficient priority to data quality. Data is a corporate asset and should be managed accordingly. All other assets are managed – people, finances, stock, property, even the car fleet!  In some senses Data is the business. Every customer, every deal, every dollar that flows through the business is recorded as data. If the data is ambiguous or incomplete – the business will operate on unstable foundations and will underperform (or worse). Information & Knowledge Management workers advocate best practice data management but often struggle to make a persuasive case for investment. It may be difficult to quantify the business benefits of data management in monetary terms.  (See Ascertain Consultancy Services – The Business Case for Customer Data Management) So when a new business change programme is scoped, cost justified and committed to, data management is either omitted or bundled on the back of the overall business justification.

Garbage In - Garbage Out

Ascertain’s management team has over 30 years experience of helping clients to plan for & implement efficient data management strategies. Ascertain’s principle focus is customer data management – but the services, methodologies & tools are applicable to all master data management challenges faced by organisations today – including customer, supplier, financial, product and asset related data management.


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