Data Driven Marketing

Improve your Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI)

Our Data Driven Marketing services help businesses make smart choices in order to maximise their Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI), resulting in increased sales & profit.

Our hosted ‘Pre-CRM’ server  (UNiQ360 ™) provides the foundation for delivering ‘Data-Driven Marketing’ services. We define ‘Data Driven Marketing’ as a ‘Pre-CRM’ service, because it encompasses all processes from data gathering  through to lead generation management . The generated  leads are transferred to our client’s own sales support/CRM system for on-going management through to closure.

‘Data Driven Marketing’ comprises these three phases:

Data Preparation

Market Analysis Modelling

Lead Generation


UNiQ360™ Creating Demand Generation

Throughout the ‘Data Driven Marketing’ process, our client’s data is securely hosted on our UNiQ360™ platform, and all data and campaign activity is under the direct control of our client or their designated partner(s).

UNiQ360™ is an integrated marketing platform which supports the whole lifecycle of pre-CRM ( pre-Customer Relationship Management) and PRM (Partner Relationship  Management) processes.

UNiQ360™ enables companies to manage their client’s end-to-end marketing activities to maximum effect.

  • Centralised databases can be easily maintained and kept live with the latest information.
  • Mail, email and telemarketing campaigns are monitored, managed and refined.
  • Lead allocation to partners can be smoothly controlled using the sales and PRM functionality.
  • Responses, opportunities and closures are easily passed over to sales, or integrated into proprietary CRM systems.

The software-as-a-service offering effectively enables us to deliver our services through a hosted, robust and highly flexible pre-CRM system.

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