First Time Right

Install a Data Quality Firewall to protect the integrity of your customer data.

Data input from external sources into your database always constitutes potential risks. The  data may originate from CRM applications, financial applications, call center agents, business partners or other external data suppliers. There is usually a wide variety in content, format and semantic data meanings across different data sources. Additionally, the data may be incomplete, inaccurate, outdated or otherwise divergent. Plus of course, there is always the danger of unintended double registrations. Ascertain establishes input control according to the First Time Right principle. This principle enables users to check whether the intended input data already exists in the database(s). In addition, the input data will, when necessary, be corrected, completed and standardized

Ascertain uses the HIquality 6 Data Quality suite from Human Inference to implement First Time Right.

For more information on HIquality Data Quality suite please click here.

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