Know Your Customer

In some industries there is a regulatory obligation to know who you are dealing with – i.e to ‘Know Your Customer’. In other industries it is simply prudent to check a new customer’s identity before committing to a commercial relationship.

Ascertain uses the sophisticated ‘Identity Matching’ capabilities of our partner Human Inference to deliver our ‘Know Your Customer’ service. Human Inference technology is uniquely suited to this task because it encapsulates the principles of ‘Natural Language Processing’. In other words, it is designed to make the same matching choices as a human would make.

If a person reviews two sets of identity details and concludes that they represent the same individual (or company), the automated matching system should reach the same conclusion.

For example a person would conclude that:

 ‘Dr John J Farren’ and ‘Jon James Pharan PhD’

…are probably the same individual.  The Human Inference matching engine would reach the same conclusion. To achieve this sophistication requires data matching techniques that go far beyond the traditional mathematical and character string matching  of conventional matching algorithms. It requires a built in understanding of the cultural and structural characteristics of international identity data. This ‘Knowledge’ is built into the Human Inference matching system – which makes it uniquely well suited to the task of identity matching. 


Automated Fraud Prevention

Customer Due Diligence

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