Market Analysis Modeling

Our client may have pre-conceived ideas about their relative performance in the various geographic and vertical markets that they target. Market Analysis Modelling provides quantitative information upon which to base future marketing investment decisions. We segment our client’s customer data geographically & vertically and match the segments against a Market Model of the known ‘Marketing Universe’ of companies. 

The Market Model is a standard platform of carefully researched data which includes the large company segment throughout Europe.

An example application of segmentation drawing on customer data might involve the following steps:      

  • Pre-preparing the Operational file “Customer data”
  • Matching Standard Industry Classification (e.g. SIC) codes to customer records
  • Reducing segments to a workable number
  • Analysis against the Marketing Universe
  • Feedback the results to the client
  • Implement a Lead Generation strategy

The practical benefits of obtaining a deeper understanding of the current customer base when mapped against a known ‘universe’ can include:

  • Identification of those existing segments with higher potential returns
  • Identification of new prospects to target in previously untapped market segments
  • A cost effective redistribution of limited sales and marketing resources
  • Improved measurability and management of sales territories, quotas etc.
  • Clarification of the business’ strategic options

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