Master Data Management for Customer Data Integration

Achieving a ‘Single View of The Customer’ has long been the holy grail of Customer Relationship Management;  a single trusted ‘Golden Record’ for each customer that can be relied upon to contain the definitive ‘Truth’. In recent years this impetus has increased with the exponential growth in Internet and mobile data volumes. Pre-Internet customer communications were typically initiated and controlled from the centre by the corporate business. Post-Internet marketing must transcend batch outbound communications and must support event driven, real-time interactions – with customers, prospects and casual enquirers, as well as monitoring brand perceptions across the whole of the social network. 

This requires a major upgrade of the systems architecture to support the multiple forms of marketing transactions – with a single reliable customer profile at the centre of the operational environment available to all channels and business functions.

Master Data Management (MDM) for Customer Data, also known as Customer Data Integration (CDI), provides a solution for consolidating customer data across an enterprise. Ascertain’s approach to CDI enables companies to achieve a Single Customer View very quickly and its flexibility supports organisation to evolve through the various stages of MDM.

Master Data Management for Customer Data provides companies and organisations with an answer to the high costs caused by an inaccurately integrated database environment.

To download the White Paper ‘High Precision Matching at the Heart of Customer Data Integration, click here.


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