Move & Improve

Update the accuracy & completeness of your customer data whilst you migrate to a new business system

Data migrations or Extract Transform & Load (ETL) processes often involve long-term, costly and high-risk projects. Most of all they require a lot of customer-specific manual scriptwriting. As a result, project teams tend to focus on the core ETL tasks and overlook data quality issues.  

Consequently expensive new business systems are often loaded with inaccurate data which undermines anticipated business improvements.

In data quality terminology, ETL can handle conversion or standardization, but it cannot correct and enhance data.

Ascertain provides a service to help customers improve their data migration or ETL projects.

The following features are included:

  • Design of (meta) data structures in a target system to secure data quality
  • Improvement of data quality during the ETL project
  • Interpretation of data based on country-specific and culture-specific knowledge
  • Automatic decomposition of source data based on fuzzy logic to significantly improve the automatic load process
  • Decrease of delivery time by combining HIquality tools and experience with the data migration process
  • De-risking of the project by improving acceptance and reducing rework due to data quality errors
  • Add extra value to the migration process by helping to merge and enrich data as well as reduce the ROI time of the new system.

To find out more about the Move & Improve service, download here.

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