Ascertain’s data services enable our clients to realize the potential of their customer data.

Data Driven Marketing. Target your finite marketing resources in order to increase sales  and profit. We analyse our client’s historic performance in specific vertical and geographic markets, and match the findings against the ‘know universe’ of all companies in these markets. The insights generated provide a foundation for the more effective targeting of marketing resources in order to maximize the ‘Return on Marketing Investment’ (RoMI).

Customer Data Quality Services. Build, maintain & protect comprehensive and accurate customer data as the foundation for increased sales, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Social Media Management. Your relationship with customers and potential customers extends beyond the walls of the enterprise, and should include the narrative taking place across Social Media.

Know Your Customer. Validate the identity of new (and existing) customers against various sanction lists, as protection against fraud, and to fulfill regulatory obligations. 

Data Consultancy Services. Bespoke services to support strategic planning and solve tactical data related problems. 

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