Social Media Management

Finding Order in Chaos

Every business needs a coherent customer data management strategy, and for most businesses this now needs to extend beyond the enterprise to include the unstructured data anarchy of social media. Today’s market leaders are already marshalling and mining data from social media to increase their competitive advantage.  It will soon be necessary to harness this external resource simply to protect an existing market position.

Social Media data differs from ‘traditional’ data located within an enterprise firewall. For over 30 years business data has been formally structured and held as records and files within a ‘relational’ data base structure. In this controlled environment, it might be considered relatively straight forward to implement appropriate data governance processes (but we all know it’s not so straight forward…. which is why Ascertain exists within the data services industry that has evolved to help businesses tackle data management problem). 

Social Media data management is an order of magnitude more complex – the data volumes are vast. The data is largely unstructured, and no formal data quality regime can be imposed. 

At Ascertain we believe that any business that wishes to exploit Social Media data needs a Master Data Management strategy.

Master Data Management is the essential enabler for achieving the trusted customer ‘golden record’ . It provides the foundation for incorporating traditional  ‘legacy’ data with external data from social media sources.

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